Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023 to all our customers and suppliers

It is the end of the year again. This year was also a great challenge and an adventure for us, it brought us many changes, lots of work, but with a good team lots of fun as well. And since you are a part of it all, we would like to thank you.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023 to all our customers and suppliers

Thank you for your cooperation

Thank you for having you, for being with you when you build highways, bridges, and halls, when you repair historical buildings, make films, prepare festivals, create art works, help to keep power plants running, as well as when you repair chimneys of your homes or rescue cats in the tree. We appreciate it very much and hope to be your partner still in the future.


We have reached higher together with you

Unfortunately, this year has not been full of positive energy from the global point of view and has brought many unexpected situations that we all have had to face. However, we are glad that despite the large increase in energy prices, high inflation and delays in material deliveries, we can say our results have been good. 


We have 1,800 aerial work platforms and machines in our fleet, and plan 200 pcs more in the next year - 2,000 units in total . We have successfully sold 500 machines to 14 countries. Our technicians have completed 15,000 repair works. The most popular machine in terms of rental has been a scissor aerial work plarform Genie GS 4047. We have trained 1,100 people for safety measures MEWP and our drivers have driven 1,500,000 km.

In order to offer you even better service, we have been building a brand new branch in Ostrava, that should be completed in the second half of the next year.


We wish you a wonderful Christmas holidays and a successful new year full of positive energy

Enjoy a peaceful and joyful Christmas holiday with everyone you love and celebrate the New Year the way it deserves. May we all reach higher next year, both in our professional and especially in personal lives.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from statech team


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